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Program your device

Steps to activate your iPhone 8


  • Phone is not active
  • Unable to make or receive calls
  • Unable to send or receive text messages

Note: Before you try these steps, check the Boost Mobile coverage map and verify that you are in an area with good overage.

  • Hands-free activation
  • If this is the first time activating your phone, hands-free activation automatically runs in the background as you go through the initial sign-in process.

    Initial sign-in and first use

  • Update the data profile
    • If this is not the first time activating your phone or hands-free activation did not complete successfully, update the data profile.

      Update the data profile

  • Reset network connection
    • If the activation methods above did not work, reset your network connection.

      1. From the home screen, tap the Phone
      2. Dial ##83766#.
      3. Tap OK. The phone will restart.
      4. After it restarts and reconnects to the network, your phone automatically launches hands-free activation.

If you're still having issues, dial *2 on your phone or reach Boost Mobile Customer Care.