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Show Me How

Manually Program the Device
  1. If the Activation is not successful, the device must be manually programmed. 

    From the home screen, dial ## then the 6-digit activation code then #. The final # will not appear on the screen.  

    Note: A device-specific code is needed to complete manual programming. Contact Boost Customer Care for the specific programming code.

    The device must be in a Boost coverage area to complete the programming and activation process. To verify Boost coverage, visit http://coverage.boostmobile.com.

  2. Scroll to Edit and press the OK key.

  3. Enter the Phone number in the MDN field and press the OK key.

  4. Enter the MSID and press the OK key.

  5. Scroll to Done and press the OK key.

    The device will restart.

  6. The device is programmed and ready to use.