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Show Me How

Initial Sign In and First Use
  1. With Language highlighted, press the trackpad, scroll to the desired language and press the trackpad.

    Scroll to OK and press the trackpad.

  2. Change the Country and Language settings as needed.

    Once finished, scroll to OK and press the trackpad.

  3. Read the terms of service.

    Once finished, press any key on the keyboard.

  4. Scroll to the checkbox and press the trackpad to select.

    Scroll to I Agree and press the trackpad to continue.

  5. To turn on the cellular connection, with Connect highlighted, press the trackpad.

    Note: To skip this step, scroll to Continue and then press the trackpad.

  6. With Continue highlighted, press the trackpad.

  7. An introduction video will play. After the video is finished the setup screen will appear.

    Scroll to any setup option and press the trackpad to start the setup process for that option. Follow the prompts to setup any desired features or accounts.

    Once finished, press the End key.

  8. The device is now set up and ready to use.