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Set Up and Access Visual Voicemail
  1. From the home screen, tap Voicemail.

    Note: If the shortcut has been removed, tap the All Apps icon and tap Voicemail.

  2. When the Welcome to Voicemail prompt screen appears, tap the desired option. 

  3. Tap Personalize now.

    Note: If a What is Visual Voicemail prompt or Update prompt appears, tap the desired option. 

  4. The handset will automatically dial the voicemail number. 

    Tap the Dialpad button to display the keypad and follow the prompts to set up the voicemail account. 

  5. Tap End icon when finished.  

  6. Tap Welcome to Voicemail.

  7. Tap the Speaker to turn the speakerphone on or off. 

  8. Tap Pause to pause the message.

    The Pause button will turn into a Play button when the message is paused. Tap again to resume listening. 

  9. Tap and drag the slider to skip to a specific part of the message. 

  10. Tap the Trash icon to permanently delete the message. 

  11. New voicemail messages will appear in the voicemail list as they arrive. Tap the desired message to begin playback.

    Visual Voicemail is now set up and ready for use.  

    Note: To save a message to the memory card, tap and hold the desired message, then tap Move to SD card (save).