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Use Near Field Communication (NFC)
  1. Near Field Communication (NFC) enables you to make contactless transactions, exchange data, or create simplified tasks (such as setting an alarm, or opening an application), by placing your phone in close proximity (less than 2 inches) to an NFC-enabled object.

    You can also transfer data between NFC-enabled devices using the Android Beam feature.

    From the home screen, tap the Menu key.

  2. Tap System settings.

  3. Tap More.

  4. If not already checked, tap the NFC checkbox.

  5. Tap Android Beam.

  6. Ensure the ON/OFF switch is set to ON, then tap the Home key.

  7. The Android Beam feature can share different types of data with other NFC-enabled devices, depending on the application.

    To share a bookmark from the ZTE N9100 to another device, tap the All Apps icon.

  8. Tap Chrome.

  9. Tap the Menu key.

  10. Tap Bookmarks.

  11. Tap the desired bookmark.

  12. Wait for the bookmarked webpage to load.

  13. When the webpage has loaded, bring the backs of both devices together to trigger the NFC antennae.

  14. When prompted on the device, tap the webpage to beam it to the other device.

  15. The browser on the other device will now open automatically, and the shared web page will be loaded.