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Add or Remove a Contact
  1. From the home screen, tap the Contacts icon.

    Note: If the shortcut is missing, tap the All Apps icon, then scroll to and tap Contacts.

  2. Tap the New contact icon.

    Note: If a Complete action using prompt appears, tap the preferred application, then tap to check or uncheck Use as default app as preferred. Once finished, tap OK.

  3. New contacts will be saved to the phone memory by default. To save the contact in a new location or account, tap Phone contact, then tap the preferred location.

    Note: Boost Mobile recommends saving the contacts to the Gmail account.

  4. Enter the Name of the contact.

    Note: Tap the arrow next to the Name field to access additional name fields.

  5. Tap the Phone field and enter the preferred phone number.

    To change the label, tap MOBILE.

    Note: To add another phone number, tap Add new. To remove a phone number, tap the red X icon.

  6. Tap the preferred label.

  7. Enter any other additional contact details.

    When finished, tap Save.

  8. The contact is now added.

    Tap the Back key to return to contact list.

  9. To delete a contact, tap and hold the preferred contact.

  10. Tap Delete contact.

  11. Tap Yes to confirm.

  12. The contact is now deleted.