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Download and Install an Application
  1. From the home screen, tap Play Store.

    Note: If the shortcut is missing, tap the All Apps icon, then scroll to and tap Play Store.

    A Google account is required for Play Store access. If a Google account has not been set up on the handset, follow the prompts to set up an account.

  2. To create a new Google account, tap OR CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

    To log in to an existing Google account, enter the email address, then tap NEXT.

    Note: A Gmail address is considered a Google account.

  3. Enter the account Password, then tap NEXT.

  4. Tap ACCEPT.

  5. Read the Google services message and tap to check or uncheck the options as preferred.

    Once finished, tap NEXT.

  6. Read the Google Play Terms of Service, then tap ACCEPT.

  7. Tap APPS.

  8. Swipe to the preferred sorting option.

  9. Scroll to and tap the application.

  10. Tap INSTALL.

    Note: If the application is not free, tap the purchase price.

  11. Review the application permissions, then tap ACCEPT.

    Note: If the application is not free, follow the prompts to Add a payment method, and tap Accept & buy.

  12. The application is now installed.