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Use Boost Zone
  1. From the home screen, tap Boost Zone.

  2. Read the Privacy Statement, then tap Continue.

  3. Tap My Account to manage your Boost Mobile account, add money to your account, and help locate Boost Mobile retail stores. Other features include:

    • Check device usage.
    • Privacy Preferences.
    • Buyback, deals, and referrals.
  4. Tap Support to access tools that help you:

    • Answer common questions or how to's, as well as access basic troubleshooting guides.
    • Locate Boost Mobile retail locations.
    • Contact Boost Mobile Care.
  5. Tap Network to manage the connection to the network. Options include:

    • Report a network issue.
    • Test the different network types.
    • Update network settings.
    • Checking coverage.
  6. To access the Settings menu, tap the Menu icon or swipe right from the edge of the screen.

  7. From the Settings menu:

    • Tap Settings to change notification settings and refresh Boost Zone content.
    • Tap Suggested Apps for a list of recommended applications.
    • Tap Money Center for money management options.
    • Tap News & Events for Boost Mobile related news.
    • Tap Referral Program for information on the Boost Mobile Refer a Friend program.

    To return to the Boost Zone home screen, tap the Back icon.

  8. To access the Boost Zone diagnostic tools, tap the Diagnostic icon or swipe left from the edge of the screen.

  9. If prompted, tap the Refresh button.

    The Device Diagnostics menu includes tools that help you:

    • Test network connectivity for voice, data, and messaging
    • Check for system updates
    • Check power usage and internal storage
    • View security and application privacy information

    Swipe right to return to the Boost Zone home screen. Otherwise, tap the Home icon to exit Boost Zone.

  10. The Boost Zone app is now closed.