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Show Me How

Activate the Device
  1. Turn the device on by pressing the Power key.

    Note: The device can complete all Hands Free Activation steps with no user interaction.

    If the Hands Free Activation fails to activate successfully, up to 5 additional activation attempts will be offered. If all attempts to activate fail, manual programming will be necessary.

    It is also necessary to have Boost Mobile network coverage. Check Boost Mobile network coverage at www.boostmobile.com/coverage/.

  2. The Hands Free Activation process will begin automatically.

    Once activation is complete, tap OK.

    The device will restart.

  3. The device will check for Firmware updates.

    If any are found, follow the promtps to install, otherwise tap OK.

  4. The device is now activated and ready for use.

    Note: If the Hands Free Activation is unsuccessful, complete the Update the Data Profile tutorial.