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Show Me How

Initial Sign In and First Use
  1. Read or listen to the TalkBack message, then double tap the screen to enable the feature if desired.

    To enable other accessibility settings, tap Accessibility settings.

    To continue with activation, tap Next.

  2. Tap to select the preferred language, then tap Next.

  3. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, tap an available network.

    Note: To continue without connecting to a Wi-Fi network, tap Next.

  4. Enter the Wi-Fi network password if required, and then tap Connect.

  5. Tap Next.

  6. A Google account is required to access a variety of Google services or to purchase and download content from the Play Store.

    To skip this step, tap SKIP.

    To create a new Google account, tap OR CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

    To log in to an existing Google account, tap Enter your email, enter the email address, then tap NEXT.

    Note: A Gmail address is considered a Google account.

  7. Tap Password, enter the account password, then tap NEXT.

  8. Tap ACCEPT.

  9. Tap Restore from this backup, and choose the preferred backup restore option.

    Tap Also include if needed, to select any apps you'd like to restore.

    When finished, tap NEXT.

  10. Read the Google services message and tap to set the preferred options.

    Scroll down and tap NEXT.

  11. Enter a name for your tablet, and a lost tablet contact number if desired.

    When finished, tap Next.

  12. Read the Knock Code message, then tap the preferred option.

  13. Tap to select the preferred Home touch button combination, then tap Next.

  14. Tap Done.

  15. Your tablet is now set up and ready for use.