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Show Me How

Insert or Remove the UICC Card
  1. Locate the SIM slot on the left of the tablet when looking at the tablet screen, or the right when looking at the back. Then remove the SIM slot cover.

  2. To remove the SIM card, press it in until it clicks, then release the card. It will project part way out of the card slot. Slide it the rest of the way out.

  3. To insert the SIM card, slide it into the upper slot, notch end first, with the gold contacts facing down when looking at the tablet screen..

    Press it in until it clicks into place.

    Note: The SIM card goes into the upper slot when looking at the tablet back, the lower slot when looking at the tablet screen.

  4. Replace the SIM slot cover and press it into place.

  5. The SIM card has been inserted or removed.