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Show Me How

Initial set up and first use
  1. To change the default language setting, tap English and select the preferred option.

    To view and enable the device accessibility options, tap ACCESSIBILITY.

    When finished, tap START.

    Note: If prompted to Allow Google to regularly check device activity, tap the preferred option.

  2. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, tap the network name, enter the password if required, and tap CONNECT.

    When finished, or to continue without connecting to a Wi-Fi network, tap NEXT.

    Note: If the device was reset with Device Protection enabled, a Wi-Fi connection may be required to continue and complete the Google account authentication.

    If prompted to Skip Wi-Fi, tap SKIP ANYWAY.

  3. Read the Diagnostic data message and tap to check or uncheck it, as preferred.

    When finished, tap NEXT.

  4. Read the End User License Agreement.

    To continue, tap AGREE.

    Note: The device may need to perform the Hands Free Activation and update the PRL and Firmware. If needed, tap OK for each prompt, then the device will power off and restart.

  5. Google accounts can be transferred from another NFC capable device during the initial setup.

    To transfer data from another device, select Copy your Google Accounts, apps, and data from your other device, tap NEXT, and follow the prompts to transfer your data.

    To skip this step for now, tap to select No thanks, then tap NEXT.

    Note: If the device was reset with Device Protection enabled, entering the Google account credentials associated with this device will be required to continue.

  6. A Google account is required to access a variety of Google services or to purchase and download content from the Play Store.

    To create a new Google account, tap Or create a new account and follow the steps.

    To log in to an existing Google account, enter the email address, then tap NEXT.

    Note: Adding a Google account will automatically enable Device Protection. Device Protection uses your Google account to prevent others from activating your device if it's ever lost or stolen.

  7. Enter the account Password, then tap NEXT.

  8. Read the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then tap ACCEPT to continue.

  9. Scroll through and tap to select the preferred Google services.

    When finished, tap NEXT.

  10. To add another email account, tap to select the account type and follow the prompts.

    When finished, or to skip this step, tap Not now.

  11. To set a security option, tap to select an option and tap NEXT.

    Note: To skip this step for now, tap to select No, thanks, then tap SKIP.

    If prompted, tap SKIP ANYWAY to confirm.

  12. Tap to select a screen lock type.

    Note: While this guide shows how to set a PIN, the basic process is the same for all of the screen lock options.

  13. Tap to select a Secure startup option, then tap NEXT.

  14. Enter the PIN number, then tap Done.

  15. Enter the PIN number one more time, then tap Done.

  16. Tap to select a Notifications option, then tap NEXT.

  17. To set up a Fingerprints lock, tap SET UP and follow the prompts.

    To skip this step for now, tap LATER.

    Note: You can also review the Set Up Fingerprint Recognition tutorial.

  18. If available, tap the preferred backup from the list under Which device?, and follow the prompts.

    To skip this step, tap Don't restore.

  19. A Samsung account allows access to certain Samsung services.

    To sign into an existing Samsung account, enter your Samsung Email ID and Password, then tap SIGN IN.

    To create a new Samsung account, tap CREATE ACCOUNT and follow the prompts.

    To skip this step for now, scroll to and tap SKIP.

  20. To copy content from old device, follow the prompts on the screen.

    To skip this step for now, tap LATER.

  21. Easy mode is a simplified Home screen layout and larger text and icons. To enable Easy mode, tap the Easy mode switch to ON, then tap FINISH.

    To use the default home screen, ensure that the Easy mode switch is OFF, then tap FINISH.

  22. The device is now set up and ready for use.

    Note: The device will download and install a Sprint ID Pack. If prompted, tap OK.

    If prompted to Copy content from old device, tap the preferred option.