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Initial Sign In and First Use
  1. From the Welcome screen, tap the preferred language option, then tap next.

  2. Tap next.

  3. Review the Terms of Use, then tap accept.

  4. Tap the preferred network to Connect to Wi-Fi. Enter a password if required and tap done.

    To skip this step, tap skip.

  5. Skip this step if not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    Tap next.

  6. Tap to set the Wi-Fi-Sense options as preferred, then tap next.

  7. Wait for activation to complete, then tap next.

  8. To set up the handset with default settings, tap recommended.

    To manually set up the handset, tap custom.

  9. If using recommend settings, skip this step.

    For custom set up, tap to set the options as preferred, then tap next.

  10. Configure the country and time zone settings, and then tap next.

  11. A Microsoft account is required to access a variety of Microsoft services including the Marketplace, Find My Phone, and OneDrive. The account may also be used to synchronize and back up data on the device.

    Tap create one and follow the prompts to set up a new Microsoft account.

    To log in using an existing account, tap sign in.

    Note: To skip this step or to add an account at a later time, tap Sign in later.

  12. Enter the Microsoft account Email address and Password, then tap next.

    Note: If create was selected, follow the prompts to create a new Microsoft account.

  13. If prompted, select the preferred option:

    • To restore a previous Windows Phone setup, tap the backup file to be restored.
    • To set up as a brand new device, tap don't restore.

    Tap next to continue.

  14. Tap the preferred option for Back up.

  15. Tap the preferred option for Cortana.

  16. Tap next.

  17. Review the Secure your phone information and tap Next.

  18. The handset is now set up and ready to use.