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Show Me How

Activate the Device
  1. To activate the handset, on a computer, browse to www.boostmobile.com/activate.

  2. Enter the MEID or ESN located on the box the handset came in or on the back of the handset under the battery.

    Click start activation process.

    Note: If the handset has a SIM card, enter the SIM ID located on the back of the SIM card and the handset's IMEI located on the back of the handset under the battery.

  3. To create a new phone number, enter the desired Zip Code or Reference Phone Number and click search.

    Note: To keep an existing phone number, click Transfer Your Number and follow the prompts.

  4. Select the desired Area Code and Nearest City and click continue.

  5. If prompted, read the handset insurance message and click exit.

  6. Select the desired plan and any additional add-on(s).

    Click continue.

  7. Enter the Personal Information required for the account.

    If desired, click the Language drop down and select the desired language.

  8. Scroll down to Create Your Account PIN.

    Enter the desired 4 digit PIN in the Account PIN and Confirm PIN fields.

    Click continue.

  9. Review the selections and read the Boost Mobile General Terms and Conditions.

    Once finished, click to check I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS and click continue.

  10. Selected the desired option to make a payment and follow the prompts.

    Once finished, click continue.

  11. Turn the handset on and follow any prompts to complete the activation.

    The device will restart and be ready to use.

    Note: If the programming fails, follow the instructions on the computer to manually program the handset.