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Show Me How

Install and Set Up Flickr
  1. To install Flickr, from the home screen, tap Play Store.

    Note: If the shortcut is missing, tap the Launcher icon and tap Play Store.

  2. Tap the Search icon.

    Note: A Google account is required for access to Google Play. If no Google account has been set up on the handset, follow the prompts to set up an account.

    If the Google Play Terms of Service appear, read the terms and tap Accept to continue.

  3. Enter Flickr in the search field and tap the Search icon.

  4. Tap Flickr.

  5. Tap Download or Install.

  6. Read the system permissions message and tap Accept & download.

  7. The application is now installed.

    To set up Flickr, tap Open.

    Note: The application may also be opened from the home screen by tapping the Launcher icon and then tapping Flickr.

  8. Tap Sign in.

    Note: If prompted, read the Help message and tap OK.

  9. Enter the Yahoo! ID and Password, and then tap Sign In.

    Note: Scroll to and tap New here? Sign up now to create a new Flickr account.

  10. The Flickr account is now set up.

    Note: If a Flickr Android App prompt appears, read the message and tap the desired option.