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Show Me How

Transfer Media Files via USB Cable - Windows
  1. Connect the USB cable from the handset to the computer.

    On the handset, if prompted, tap Mass storage.

    Tap Done.

    Note: A memory card must be installed in the handset for files to be transferred.

    If no prompt appears, tap and drag down the notifications bar and tap USB connected.

  2. Tap OK.

  3. On the computer, if an AutoPlay window appears, select Open folder to view files and click OK.

  4. A window will appear showing the contents of the MicroSD card installed in the handset.

    Drag and drop the desired files into or out of the desired folders.

    Note: To set files as ringtones or notifications, drag and drop them into the ringtones, notifications, or alarms folders. If these folders are not displayed, right click, select New, and then select Folder to create the necessary folders.

  5. Once the files are transferred, disconnect the USB cable.

    The transfer is now complete.