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Show Me How

Perform a Diagnostic Test
  1. From the home screen, tap the Boost Zone icon.

    Note: If the icon has been removed, tap the All Apps icon and then tap Boost Zone.

  2. From the Boost Zone home screen, swipe left or tap the Diagnostics icon.

    Note: If prompted, review the Privacy Statement, then tap Continue.

  3. Device Diagnostics automatically performs basic tests that includes Voice and Data connectivity. Potential issues are highlighted in three categories:

    • Passed: Everything is working normally.
    • Flagged: There may be an issue.
    • Failed: An issue is present.

    If you are experiencing issues with voice connectivity, updating the PRL may help. Tap System Updates.

    Note: If prompted, tap the Refresh icon. Tapping the refresh icon will start the diagnostic tests again.

  4. Tap Network PRL.

  5. Once the PRL is updated, tap OK.

    Note: To test voice connectivity, tap the Home key, tap the Phone icon, and try to place a call.

  6. If you're still experiencing network connectivity issues, updating the data profile may help.

    Tap Update Profile.

  7. Once the profile update is complete, tap OK.

  8. Tap the Diagnostics icon.

  9. Boost Zone can also be used to help test the ability to send and receive text or picture messages. To test text or picture messaging, scroll to and tap Test for the preferred option.

    A text or picture message will be sent to the device.

  10. If the test is successful, a white check will appear next to the tested option.

    The diagnostic test is now complete.

    Note: The test message may also be viewed in the messaging application. If issues remain, they can be reported directly to Boost Mobile using the Boost Zone application. To report an issue, tap Network, tap Report an Issue, and then follow the prompts submit a trouble report.