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Show Me How

Set Up as a Wi-Fi Hotspot
  1. From the home screen, use two fingers to tap and drag down the Status bar.

    Note: A Mobile hotspot plan is required in order to use this device as a mobile hotspot.

  2. Tap the Settings icon.

  3. Tap Mobile hotspot.

  4. Tap the Menu icon.

  5. Tap Configuration.

  6. The mobile hotspot settings are displayed and may be edited if required.

    When finished, tap SAVE.

    Note: Make a note of the Boradcast SSID, Security, and Password settings, as these are required for other devices to connect to the hotspot.

  7. To enable the hotspot, tap the Mobile hotspot slider to On.

    Note: If an Attention message prompts, review the message and tap OK.

  8. The mobile hotspot is enabled and ready for use.

    To connect to the mobile hotspot, a user will need to know the Broadcast SSID, Security type, and the network Password.

    Note: For specific instructions connecting to the hotspot, please refer to the user guide or manufacturer for the Wi-Fi enabled device.