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Show Me How

Turn Factory Reset Protection on or off
  1. From the home screen, use two fingers to tap and drag down the Status bar.

    Note: Before enabling Device protection, it is recommended that you first set up a Screen lock PIN, Pattern, or Password.

    To set up Screen lock, swipe down the Status bar, tap the Settings icon, then scroll to and tap Security. Tap Screen lock and follow the menu options to set up a screen lock method.

  2. Tap the Settings icon.

  3. Scroll to and tap Accounts.

  4. Device protection is automatically enabled when you add a Google account.

    If a Google account has not been added, you can add one by tapping ADD ACCOUNT, then tapping Google, and following the steps to Sign in to or create a Google account.

    Removing your Google account will disable Device Protection. To remove a Google account, tap Google.

    Note: A Gmail account is considered a Google account.

  5. Tap the account name.

  6. Tap the Menu icon, then tap Remove account.

  7. Read the warning, then tap REMOVE ACCOUNT to confirm.

  8. Repeat the steps for all the existing Google accounts.

    Device Protection is now disabled.