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Show Me How

Initial Sign In and First Use
  1. To change the default language, tap the current language, then tap to choose the new language.

    To view and set accessibility options, tap Vision Settings.

    When finished, tap the LET'S GO button to begin setup.

    Note: If needed, power the device on by pressing and holding the Power key.

  2. To restore your data from another device, tap Keep your apps & data.

    To continue without restoring data, tap Set up as new.

    Note: If you select Keep your apps & data, the following steps may be different.

  3. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, tap an available network. Enter the password if prompted, then tap CONNECT.

    To continue without connecting to Wi-Fi, tap Use cellular network for setup or Don't use any network for setup, read the warning message, then tap CONTINUE.

    Note: If the device was reset while Device Protection was enabled, you will not be able to skip the Wi-Fi setup.

  4. A Google account is required to access a variety of Google services or to download content from the Play Store.

    To skip this step, tap SKIP, then tap SKIP to confirm.

    To create a new Google account, tap More options, then tap Create account.

    To log in to an existing Google account, enter the email address, then tap NEXT.

    Note: If the device was previously reset with Device Protection enabled, you may be prompted to Verify your account. In this case, you must enter the Google account information that was on the device before the reset.

  5. Enter the account Password, then tap NEXT.

  6. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    To continue, tap ACCEPT.

  7. Tap to select the preferred Google services, then tap NEXT.

  8. To secure your device, tap ADD FINGERPRINT.

    Note: To skip setting a screen lock, tap Skip, then SKIP ANYWAY to confirm.

  9. Tap to select a screen lock combination.

  10. Enter your Pattern, PIN, or Password, then tap CONTINUE.

    Note: These steps will vary depending on the chosen lock combination.

  11. Re-enter your Pattern, PIN or Password, then tap OK or CONFIRM.

  12. Follow the on screen prompts to scan your fingerprint.

    Once you place your finger on the sensor, you will be automatically taken to the next screen.

  13. Once your fingerprint is successfully scanned, tap DONE.

    Note: To add another fingerprint, tap Add another and follow the additional prompts.

  14. Read the Get the best of Moto message, then tap to check or uncheck the agreement.

    When finished, tap NEXT.

  15. Your phone is now set up for use.