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Show Me How

Set Up Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Email
  1. From the home screen, tap the Google folder.

  2. Tap Gmail.

  3. If no email accounts are set up, the Account setup screen will appear automatically. Swipe to the left, then tap DONE.

    Note: If an email account is already set up, tap the Menu icon, tap the existing account name, then tap Add account.

  4. If prompted, tap Add an email address.

    Note: If an account already exists, skip this step.

  5. Tap to select Exchange, then tap NEXT.

  6. Enter the Email address, then tap NEXT.

  7. Enter the Password, then tap NEXT.

  8. Tap to set the Account options, then tap NEXT.

  9. Enter a name for the account and tap NEXT.

  10. If prompted, tap TAKE ME TO GMAIL.

    Otherwise, tap the Back key to leave settings and return to the inbox.

  11. The Exchange account is now set up.

    Note: To switch between multiple accounts: Tap the Menu icon, tap the current account name, then tap a different account.