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Show Me How

Forward a Text Message (SMS)
  1. From the home screen, tap the HOME tab.

  2. Tap Main Menu

  3. Tap Messaging.

  4. Tap Messages

  5. Tap the desired message thread.

  6. Tap the desired message.

  7. Tap More.

  8. Tap Forward.

  9. Tap New Addr to enter the destination number manually, or tap Go to Contacts to select a number from the contact list.

  10. If New Addr is tapped, tap Phone number, enter the 10-digit destination number and tap Done.

    If Go to Contacts is tapped, tap the desired contact and, if required, tap the desired number.

  11. Edit the message if desired and tap Done.

  12. Tap Send.

  13. The message is now sent.