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Show Me How

Activate the Device
  1. Press the Power key for about 2 seconds to turn ZTE WARP Connect On.
  2. The device will automatically perform Hands Free Activation. If the activation is successful, no further action is necessary.

    Note: It is necessary to have Boost Mobile network coverage. Check the Boost Mobile network coverage here.

  3. The device is now active.
  4. On a computer that is connected to the mobile hotspot via Wi-Fi or by direct USB connection, open the web browser and enter http://MyHotSpot or in the address bar, then press Enter.

  5. Enter the administrator password and click Login.

    Note: The default password is password.

  6. From the web interface, Click Settings.
  7. The basic Wi-Fi settings are displayed.

    Edit the Wi-Fi Name and Wi-Fi Password fields to customize your hotspot network.

  8. The device is set up and ready to use.