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Conserve Battery Life
  1. If the handset is experiencing a short battery life, disabling some features and modifying settings may help.

    Reducing the backlight brightness and timeout duration can improve battery life.

    From the home screen, tap the Menu key.

  2. Tap System settings.

  3. Tap Display.

  4. Tap Brightness.

  5. Tap AUTO to allow the device to adjust the screen brightness.

    To manually change the screen brightness, tap and drag the slider to the lowest comfortable brightness level.

  6. Tap Sleep.

  7. Tap the lowest comfortable timeout setting.

  8. Tap Wallpaper.

  9. Tap Wallpapers.

    Note: Do not tap Live Wallpapers.

  10. Scroll to the wallpaper and tap Set wallpaper.

    When finished, tap the Back key twice.

  11. Leaving Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Mobile Hotspot on while not in use can drain the battery faster.

    From the Settings menu, tap the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Hotspot sliders to the off position when they are not actively in use.

    Note: The switch is Green when ON.

  12. Leaving GPS on when not in use can drain the battery faster.

    To disable GPS, scroll to and tap Location.

  13. Tap the slider to turn Location to the OFF position.

    Tap the Back key when finished.

    Note: If the location is needed, tap Mode and select Battery saving to be able to determine location without the use of GPS.

  14. Stopping unused running services and applications can help conserve battery life.

    From the Settings menu, tap Apps.

    Note: Stopping unused services is an advanced battery conservation step. There may be undesirable side effects from stopping certain services.

  15. Swipe to the RUNNING tab.

  16. Tap the desired service or application.

  17. Tap Stop to close the application.

    Tap the Back key when finished.

    Note: If a Stop system services prompt appears, read the alert message and tap OK to continue.

  18. Turning off vibration can improve battery life.

    From the Settings menu, scroll to and tap Sound.

  19. To disable vibration for ringtones and notifications, tap to uncheck Vibrate when ringing.

  20. To disable system vibrations, scroll to and tap to uncheck Vibrate on touch.

    When finished, tap the Back key.

  21. Setting the handset to download or sync less information or less often can improve battery life.

    From the Settings menu, scroll to ACCOUNTS and tap an account.

  22. Tap the account.

  23. Ensure important synchronization options are checked and tap to uncheck any unused options.

    Tap the Home key when finished.

  24. Charging the handset on a regular basis will maximize the battery life.

    The Charger port is located on the bottom of the handset.

    Plug the charger into the power socket and then connect it to the handset.

  25. The handset is now configured to conserve battery life.