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Set Up an Email Account
  1. Before starting, please contact the email provider for specific email account settings such as account type (POP or IMAP), username and password, incoming and outgoing server addresses, and required port and SSL settings.

    From the home screen, tap the All Apps icon.

  2. Tap Email.

  3. Enter the Email address and Password.

    Tap Next.

    Note: If an email account is already set up, tap the Menu icon and tap Settings. Tap ADD ACCOUNT.

  4. The handset will automatically search for the settings.

    If the handset is unable to find the settings, tap the correct account type.

  5. Enter the Username, and re-enter the Password if desired.

    Enter the incoming server address in the POP3 server or IMAP server field.

    Tap Security type and tap the correct type.

    Enter the incoming Port number.

    When finished, tap Next.

  6. Enter the outgoing server address in the SMTP server field.

    Tap Security type and tap the correct security type.

    Enter the outgoing Port number.

    When finished, tap Next.

  7. Tap to set the Account settings as desired.

    When finished, tap Next.

  8. Enter the desired name for the email account and Your name as it should appear on outgoing emails.

    When finished, tap Next.

  9. The email account is now set up.