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Set Up and Access Visual Voicemail
  1. From the home screen, tap Voicemail.

    Note: If the shortcut is not available, tap the All apps icon, then tap Voicemail.

  2. Read the Welcome to Voicemail message, then tap the preferred option.

    Note: If prompted for an update, tap the preferred option and follow the instructions.

  3. Tap Personalize now.

    Note: If a Check for Update prompt appears, tap to check or uncheck the option, and then tap Update. Follow the prompts to complete.

  4. The handset will automatically dial the voicemail number.

    Follow the voice prompts to set up the voicemail account.

    Once the passcode, name, and greeting are set up, listen to the remaining instructions and tips.

    Tap End when finished.

  5. Tap Welcome to Voicemail.

    Note: This is a standard greeting message that serves as an example of how new voicemail messages will appear.

    If a Your plan options prompt appears, tap an option.

  6. Tap the Play button to begin playback.

  7. Tap the Speaker button to turn speakerphone on or off.

  8. Tap the Pause button to stop the message.

    Note: The Pause button will turn to a Play button when the message is paused.

  9. Tap and drag the slider to skip to a specific part of the message.

  10. The Share icon includes options to send a voicemail as an email attachment or as part of a MMS. Messages may also be backed up to other services such as Dropbox.

    Tap the Trash icon to move the message to the Trash folder.

  11. To permanently delete messages, tap Inbox.

  12. Tap Trash.

  13. Tap the Trash icon.

  14. Tap Delete messages.

  15. Voicemail messages are now deleted. 

    To return to the Inbox, tap Trash.

  16. Tap Inbox.

  17. Visual Voicemail is now set up.